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Brett Kavanaugh’s Views on Abortion, Immigration, Religion | Rinoswamp

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brett kavanaughs views on abortion immigration and religion

So, now that Donald Trump has picked Brett Cavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy, the battle of confirmation begins.  The left will be set on delaying confirmation by any means necessary.  They will pick through Brett Kavanaugh’s Religion, views on abortion, and his stance on immigration.

These are the three biggest questions that will be spoken about in the news for the foreseeable future until he is confirmed.  So, here we will give a quick summary and where Brett Kavanaugh Stands on abortion, immigration, and his personal religion.

What is Brett Kavanaugh’s Religion?

Catholic Religion..  Brett regular reads sermons at his church, the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  He practices his religion at his church in Washington, D.C.  In addition to his devotion to the Catholic religion, Kavanaugh also volunteers at the St. Maria’s Meals program (according to his bio).  Finally, Brett Kavanaugh has also tutored at the Washington Jesuit Academy.

Brett Kavanaugh’s Views on Abortion

One of the lefts biggest arguments will be that a conservative Supreme Court will overturn Roe Vs. Wade.  Regardless of what Brett Kavanaugh’s views on abortion are, this is a ridiculous argument.  First of all, it is highly unlikely that there would be any attempt to overturn Roe Vs. Wade.  Read what Kavanaugh has said about Roe Vs. Wade back in 2006 when being grilled by Chuck Shumer during his circuit judge confirmation hearing.

views on abortion poll

The majority of Americans think that abortion should be legal.  Any hypothetical legislation would not even stand a prayer of getting through congress.  Congress always has “the next election” on their mind and there would be little desire to even bring this to debate.

The case we have found where we found involving abortion is called Garza v. Hargan.   In this case an illegal alien in federal custody wished to have an abortion.

The question was whether the government should allow her to have one.  Kavanaugh did not challenge her right to have the abortion. Instead, he dissented. This upset some conservatives, but Roe supporters weren’t happy either.  This is because that Kavanaugh didn’t side with the majority ruling to get an abortion.

Conservatives question Kavanaugh’s views on abortion because he didn’t take a strong position on the case.  You can view the case here.

Brett Kavanaugh’s Views on Immigration

There is a memo that suggests that Brett Kavanaugh’s views on immigration may coincide with the Trump administration.  Conservative lawers, broke down Kavanaugh’s jurisprudence by saying “The evidence demonstrates quite strongly that on the question of immigration, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the candidate who will best reflect the proper understanding of the law as well as the priorities of the Trump Administration.”

So, there you have it.. While, this isn’t an in depth analysis, it gives you an early rough idea of how Kavanaugh my side in the future on SCOTUS.

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