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Corruption To The Core

Christine Ford False Accusations, Lies To Delay Kavanaugh Vote

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Facebook is a place where political debates run wild..  Here on Rinoswamp, we have dedicated a new section called “FB Wars”….  The place where you can debate, but you always have to be aware about Uncle Zuck looking over your shoulder.  Most of us know how he likes to throw conservatives in FB jail for amusement.  Here we have a debate between Jeff Sullivan (Me) and a woman that we will call “Liberal Linda” to protect the innocent.   Today we are talking about “Christine Blasey Ford Lies, Accusations, and Slander”, which was my take.. .Her take was about how women must be heard, even if it’s from an alleged incident from 1982.

FB Wars – Christine Ford Lies and Accusations at The Midnight Hour Before Supreme Court Nomination

  • Here is the subject Meme that “triggered” the debate.. “Right now, all over the country, teenage girls are waking up to newsfeeds full of posts written by adults in their lives that say teenage boys attempting to rape them “is just how boys are” and “they can’t help themselves” and “they grow out of it” and “it was just a little harmless fun.”Think about what that must be doing to them, and when you are done thinking about that, imagine all the teenage boys thinking the same thing…

Ok, I will display how our debate went and then do a little fact checking.  Who is right, and who is wrong about this?  I would love to hear some feedback on this weeks edition of “Political FB Wars!


Christine Ford Accusations of Sexual Assault by Brett Kavanaugh from 1982

Jeff Sullivan (Yours Truly) – So, instilling ideas that it’s ok to make wild accusations 35 years later against men of alleged sexual misconduct without any proof to advance your own agenda is ok?

All while ruining someone’s life and endangering a man’s entire family’s life is perfectly acceptable? If she wants to be heard, she can be heard on Monday. It can be in private or even in a conference call if she chooses. She has chosen not to. She ignored 11 phone calls, emails and reaching out to her just yesterday. Perhaps because all of her witnesses also don’t have a clue of what she is talking about? Or she is just all part of a plan to delay a vote (obvious).

Young men (boys) must be afraid to even speak to a girl, let alone take them on a date in 2018. I know I would be.

Liberal Linda : Men are afraid??? Wow!


Umm, Yes… Men Are Afraid to Be Around Women in 2018


men are afraid to talk to women in fear of sexual assault accusations

Me : Yes, absolutely they are afraid to interact with women. especially the young men in today’s world. Sexual assault or rape is terrible. So is falsely accusing a man of these sickening acts. Especially when the whole “innocent until proven guilty” notion is long been thrown out the window.

The stage is hers.. we sit and wait to hear from her but nothing but crickets so far. Character assassination towards men is pretty common nowadays and deemed to be acceptable..i see it in my feed every day. So do impressionable young boys and girls.

Liberal Linda : False accusations are rare. In fact the overwhelming majority of sexual assaults go unreported—because this is the response!

She’s essentially destroyed her career and endangered her family. Not something she would do lightly. Sexual assault forever changes your life. And society is very clear with the message that reporting it can destroy what’s left.

Prove Your Allegations Christine Blasey Ford – The World Awaits Your Testimony

Me : Prove that false accusations are rare. I don’t believe that they are, but we can agree to disagree on that.

Well, the world awaits to hear her story. She said she was willing to testify. Now, they sit and wait… and delay, delay to thwart a nomination..

We want to hear her story. We have already heard from the other “witnesses” who were apparently at this teenage party in 1982. One said he wasn’t even at this party and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Another said that he never saw justice Kavanaugh behave disrespectfully towards a woman once in his entire life.

The facts we do know is that she hates Trump and has tweeted how we don’t need another Scalia type on the supreme court. We do know of her holding up a sign that says “Not my president” and her multiple pink hat marches. Those are the facts we know. She has the opportunity now to tell her story.

Also, comparing an accusation of sexual assault from 1982 (where all witnesses deny what you claim), after weeks of confirmation hearings only prove that her claims have little substance. Any rational thinking human being would agree. But comparing a national profile case to an average case also isn’t fair. Most people support women who come forward with allegations like this in a timely manner. But if you wait decades with no proof, only to delay a nomination looks pretty darn sketchy and politically motivated to me. If it’s not, she now has her chance to state her case…

Normalizing Sexual Assault is Wrong? Agree! What About False Accusations Towards Men?


christine ford false accusations towards kavanaugh


Liberal Linda : Christine’s post isn’t about what’s happening with the hearings. It’s about the reactions from people trying to normalize sexual assault. Our children—girls and boys—can’t grow up thinking it’s ok for them to be sexually assaulted. That it’s just “boys being boys”.

Me : Ok then, separating what her allegations are truly about… yes, sexual assault is wrong. I agree 100%. I also feel that normalizing false accusations towards men about sexual assault is wrong.. Do You? If so, then we agree that normalizing terrible behavior is wrong.

I don’t feel that people are normalizing this however. It’s a pretty sensationalistic case. She hired the most sensationalistic ambulance chasing celebrity attorney in Debra Katz. The charges were brought forth on the Eve of a natuonal spotlight nomination after the man has been vetted 6 times by the fBI and grilled by senators for weeks. This is far from anything resembling “normal”. It’s tabloid junk. It seems as if some people are trying to spin this beyond what it clearly is.

On the main principles of “Sexual assault is wrong”. We agree. I have a daughter. I get it, and I agree.

I don’t believe this is a normal case though. I believe it’s a politically motivated smear campaign that was on the Eve of a SC nomination, proceeding midterm elections. I believe it’s gutterball politics and shameful character assassination of a good family man.

Well, we wait to hear her testimony. Here is her chance to speak out. In response, the man being accused of these charges also has a right to defend himself of defamatory charges. Just my take. I respect your opinion…

Liberal Linda : how are we normalizing false accusations against men? Are you referring to the #metoomovement? I’d be willing to bet that the two men who sexually assaulted me when I was a kid would deny it. Does that make it any less true? I’m not denying that it’s a tricky situation. It’s always a he said/she said situation when you don’t have some kind of proof. Just because they were able to get away with it and deny it means they’re innocent?


Here We Go… She Made False Accusations “Personal” and About Her Own Sexual Assault Experience


(Ya, Me too… How Bout Dahhhh)


#metoo woman takes everything personally


Me : Well, I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you. They deserved just punishment.

Well, I can’t say for 100% fact that he did or did not sexually assault her in 1982. Nobody can. She had 35 years to say something and she did so at the twilight hour of the vote for the supreme court nominee. Now all of America stops and comes to a standstill to play politics. It stops so MSM media like Facebook can argue amongst each other with hopes that all of the Republican senators and representatives in the entire nation will lose a chunk of women votes. It’s appalling to me to use women and prey on their emotions like this. I think it’s shameful and I would be pissed off if I was a woman to be used like this.

However, 65 women have came forward who knew him since his childhood with written letters vouching for his upstanding character.

She came forward into the public spotlight with her celebrity lawyer in tow. She has a 2.4 rating with her college students. Some say she’s scary and crazy. Sorry, not believing one iota of this. Her political views, lack of any evidence, her witnesses denying everything, and the timing 35 years after the allegations took place all point to false accusation.

Now a man’s life has been ruined. The takeaway from this for young women would be to come forward after any incidents and let justice prevail. Just try to do it within the statute of limitations for goodness sakes.

Now, it’s 2018 and the only crime here is a crime against America. The national spotlight is hers. The microphone is in her hands.. Tell your story Christine. You said you would. What’s the hold up now? We know the answer.. even those who are trying to justify this know the answer.

I Wouldn’t Have Spoken Up Of My Sexual Assault from 1982 Either #METOO – Weak Argument!

Looney Linda : if I found out the dirtbags that did this to me were in line for this kind of important position, I’d come forward too. And would be in the exact same situation. There are all sorts of reasons that someone wouldn’t report it at the time… It still happened. I tried reporting it at the time but received the response of “it happened to me to when I was your age” by the adult I told. I was about 8. So when it happened a second time I didn’t say a word because I just thought it happened to all little girls. I thought it was normal. That’s the problem. We need to stop normalizing it. The language that’s being thrown around right makes our children think this is just life—just like I did. You are free to question the veracity of her statement—I’m not arguing that— but we all need to eliminate the normalization of what is really sexual assault.

Me : Ok.. Why didn’t she come forward with this 3 months ago when the nomination was first announced? Why didn’t she come forward for the past 15 years?.. He’s had a prestigious position for a long time.. Now it’s just scaled up.

We can run circles around this and get nowhere.. We both agree that sexual assault is bad.. What we can’t seem to agree upon is that false accusation is bad as well. She now has her stage to make her argument.. She has an open mic and the world to listen.

There is no crime here. He allegedly groped her 36 years ago. He says he didn’t do it.. All of her witnesses says that they have no idea what she is talking about. All other women in his entire life have made statements about his upstanding good character. If anything good can come from this is that women come forward within the statute of limitations… For all of the real victims out there can get deserved justice.

It is my opinion that this is ALL political.. That’s just my opinion. I respect yours. We agree that sexual assault is bad. I personally think that character assassination and complete slander has taken place here, and that’s also bad.

She has a chance to speak.. If she doesn’t speak, then the show must go on. He’s been the nominee for months.. If it wasn’t for a political agenda, she wouldn’t have came forward at the very last moment with her ambulance lawyer.. Her political hatred of Trump and political ideology is well documented… She has an agenda, a motive, and now an agenda.. She goes to rallies, holds up anti-Trump signs, tweets her opinion about “we don’t need another Scalia”, etc… She’s not a shy woman! If think about it rationally you come to a logical conclusion.. But hey, I’m sure she has swayed some votes… Now, this is true election meddling. Once again.. My opinion…

I hope you have a good day and sorry about what happened in your past. I wish they would have been thrown in the slammer and had a lot of time to think about the harm they did. Best Wishes 

Ok, This Debate She Spins Into Sexual Assault that Is Truly a Political Spin Has to End

Loony Linda : Because she probably didn’t want to endanger her family and career unless it was absolutely necessary. I wouldn’t have. She’s receiving death threats and had to take a leave from what has been reported. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision. Her professional life is forever changed.

Ok, i’m done with this.. Chris is my friend and will refrain from cluttering up her post any further.. We both have our opinions. They are different, and that’s ok. Have a great day.

facebook wars and debates that don't solve anything

So, we got nowhere but we typed really fast!


Ok, debating a liberal is no easy task.  If they were sitting across the table from me (or you) it’s as if their eyes are there, but there’s nobody home.  You can be armed to the teeth with solid points and facts to back them up, but they won’t budge from their “group think”.

In all actuality, I appreciate “Linda’s” sincerity.  I feel that she is truly passionate about sexual assault..  That’s a good thing.. I think sexual assault or rape is a terrible thing that women all too often have to endure in their life.  However, you can’t compare a personal experience to Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  Everything about this accusation raises red flags.. From the timing, to Christine Ford’s political views, to her lack of evidence.  Her witnesses refute her story.

This all comes down to delaying or eliminating the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.  Democrats know that the November mid-terms are up in the air, stirring up some outrage can only help their cause.  However, I think that America is on to their game and women should be disgusted at being a pawn to their political games.

Just say NO to liberalism – It truly is a mental disorder.. I recommend joining the  #walkaway movement on Facebook and bring forth the positive change that America needs to truly make OUR country great again.

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So, we would love to hear your comments?  Let us have it!

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