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Did Christine Ford Commit Perjury? Ex-Boyfriend Letter Says Yes

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Christine Ford’s allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh were weak at best.  She has produced zero evidence and all of her witnesses refute her story.  While many of her claims have been unsubstantiated, did Christine Ford ever commit perjury?  According to her ex-boyfriend of 6 years she most certainly did.

Ford was questioned by Rachel Mitchell, a prosecutor of sexual crimes with over 25 years of experience.  She asked Christine Ford, “Have you ever given tips or advice to somebody who was looking to take a polygraph test?”  Christine Ford replied “Never”.  According to the letter sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee send by her ex-boyfriend suggest that she has.. In fact, her ex-boyfriend said that he personally witnessed Ford sharing tips to her friend, Monica Mclean (a life long friend) on how to beat a polygraph and what to expect.

So, while all of Christine Ford’s witnesses refute being at the party where sexual assault allegedly took place, now there is a witness who has stepped forward to claim that Ford lied during her testimony while under oath.  By definition, this is perjury.

The backlash to Brett Kavanaugh by the left has been fierce, and life changing.  It has brought the judge to tears in front of the Nation and has made a mockery of the nomination process.

christine ford perjury letter from ex boyfriend

Not only does the ex-boyfriend suggest that Mrs. Ford committed perjury, but she also is not afraid to fly.

Furthermore, the ex-boyfriend states that Christine Ford was unfaithful, and ran up $600 in credit card charges after they had broken up and he had taken her off the credit card.  When the ex-boyfriend questioned Christine Ford about the charges she lied about it, but later admitted to the offense after he threatened to contact the fraud division.

Furthermore, if all of this isn’t enough to shred Christine Ford’s credibility, her live-in ex-boyfriend (from 1992-1998) said that she never brought up anything about being a victim of sexual assault, any sort of harassment, or any type of misconduct committed towards her whatsoever.

Here is the letter that Christine Ford’s Ex-Boyfriend sent to the senate judiciary committee.

I, [redacted], am a current resident of [redacted], California.

I first met Christine Blasey (now Dr. Christine Blasey Ford) in 1989 or 1990 in California. From 1990-91, I was just friends with Ford. From approximately 1992 to 1998, I was in a relationship with Dr. Ford. I found her truthful and maintain no animus towards her.

During our time dating, Dr. Ford never brought up anything regarding her experience as a victim of sexual assault, harassment, or misconduct. Dr. Ford never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh.

During some of the time we were dating, Dr. Ford lived with Monica L. McLean, who I understood to be her life-long best friend. During that time, it was my understanding that McLean was interviewing for jobs with the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office. I witnessed Dr. Ford help McLean prepare for a potential polygraph exam. Dr. Ford explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and helped McLean become familiar and less nervous about the exam. Dr. Ford was able to help because of her background in psychology.

Dr. Ford and I lived together while we were dating and stayed together in a long-distance relationship when Dr. Ford moved to Hawaii sometime around 1998, although I am not sure of the particular year and it might have been a bit earlier or later.

White visiting Ford in Hawaii, we traveled around the Hawaiian island including one time on a propeller plane. Dr. Ford never indicated a fear of flying. To the best of my recollection Dr. Ford never expressed a fear of closed quarters, tight spaces, or places with only one exit. I assisted Dr. Ford with finding a place to live in [redacted], CA. She ended up living in a very small, 500 sq. ft. house with one door.

Despite trying to maintain a long distance relationship, I ended the relationship once I discovered that Dr. Ford was unfaithful while living in Hawaii. After the break up, I took her off the credit card we shared. But nearly 1 year later, I noticed Dr. Ford had been charging the card, and charged about $600 worth of merchandise. When confronted, Dr. Ford said she did not use the card, but later admitted to the use after I threatened to involve fraud prevention.

I didn’t speak again to Ford until about 2002 when Ford contacted me briefly. After that I hadn’t thought much about her until I saw her story in the Washington Post on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018.

I do not want to become involved in this process or current investigation, but wanted to be truthful about what I know.



While this letter does suggest that Christine Ford has committed perjury, should any charges be issued against her?  While this remains to be seen, we do know that the nomination process has been a disaster.  We can logically suspect that future Supreme Court justices will be quite cautious about wanting to put him or herself through the public scrutiny that Brett Kavanaugh has had to suffer through.

Christine Ford’s Letter Written by Rachel Mitchell (Sexual Victims Prosecutor) to the Senate Claiming Ford is NOT Credible

If you would like further proof, and reasons why Christine Ford is not credible then we suggest checking out a long list of reasons why Ford’s testimony was not credible.

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