January 26, 2021

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Google Censorship, Twitter & FB Account Bans – Conservative Speech

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google censorship, google banning websites

You may have heard stories about how the “big 3” search and social media (Google, Facebook and Twitter) have been accused of stifling free speech, suppressing conservative opinions, and many times banning websites off their platform.  To be honest, I feel like I’m walking on thin ice by just writing this post.  When you feel like your on a slippery slope to simply offer your opinion, you are suppressing America’s most important right, which is Freedom of Speech.. This right is the written under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. So, why should Google censorship, Twitter shadowbanning and Facebook account bans concern you?

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Google Censorship / Blacklisting / Banning Websites Makes Publishers Fearful To Speak Out

I have been a website publisher, author, affiliate marketer, etc… for many years.  I’ve learned how to walk the company line..  How to not cross that line in the sand to steer clear of any Google penalties.  Their is a subtle attack against conservative free speech that occurs behind the curtain… hidden in the shadows… outside the reach of anything tangible that you can wrap your fingers around…  Not yet sure what I’m referring to?

Take the case of Google for example.  EU regulators fined Google 2.4 billion euros (or $2.7 billion USD) for anti-competitive practices against online shopping business.

A couple in the United Kingdom began an online venture back in 2005 as a price comparison service.  They did everything the right way, without violating any of Google’s policies.  They were even featured on numerous TV shows as the “the best price comparison service” in the UK.

The were becoming a “big deal” and a threat to Googles own online sales.. So, what did Google do?  They blacklisted their website.  In addition to this they promoted their own product search results that would benefit them to the top of the results and actively demoted all of their competition.

So, why is this a problem?  Google has created a monopoly on search.  If you become a threat, they can simply remove you from all global reach.  You can be erased at any time.  This means that Google can stifle all innovation in any industry that is in competition with Google (and Google is branching out into more industries each year).  This means that they can stifle all innovation from competitors in web hosting, self-driving cars, mail services, etc.. etc…

They are a private company… They can do what they like, right?  Well It’s quite not that simple..

When you have created a monopoly you have to power to stifle an entire industry.  Dare I say Public Discourse?  What is public discourse?  Here is a definition that I sourced from study.com :

In technical terms, discourse is a fancy word for a dialog or discussion. For example, if you are debating the value of buffalo chicken wings versus BBQ chicken with a friend; you are engaged in discourse. When discussions focus on national issues that are followed by or affect large sections of a population, they become part of the public discourse. In a very broad sense, this is how we arrive at a public opinion or consensus on issues over which people are divided.

I firmly believe in free markets.  However, in this case I don’t believe that the market will “adjust itself” and take care of things on it’s own.  When industries are being monopolized and free speech is being suppressed companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter can firmly manipulate thought.  They can completely erase competition from view and profitability.  Over time their manipulative practices can morph into an even larger scope that can threaten democracy as a whole, and even religious liberty.

Google, Facebook, Twitter Terrify News Publishers

If you are a conservative, you have to frame each thought around a growing critical “editor in chief” (Google, Facebook, and Twitter are the ultimate “Editor’s in Chief”)..  Numerous large publishers have come out to say that they flat out refuse to  criticize their practices out of fear that they will be penalized or demoted.  This is dangerous.  This puts our democracy at risk.

Freedom of Speech Suppression Puts Our Democracy In Danger..   But what can we do about this?  This is a tough question, but we plan to feature an article about how you do your part to help keep free speech alive.  How you can help to

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