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How to Help Trump Win Re-Election, Vote Out Rinos in Primary, Fight Fake News

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How often do you wake up in the morning and almost afraid to open up your phone or turn on the television?  Without any knowledge of what may have happened while you have slept, it’s a good bet that the Fake News media headlines will be trashing President Trump.  Not only that, you may also be frustrated that Google is censoring conservatives, Twitter is banning Pro Trump MAGA supporters, and Rino (Republican In Name Only) Swamp Rats are blocking every attempt of Trump to Make America Great Again.  You may want to help support Trump, but feel helpless as to what one person can do to support the President.  Today, we will share some tips on how you can help Trump win re-election in 2020.  How to vote out Rino swamp creatures, and tips to fight fake news and just be “Pro-MAGA”.

How Each Person Can Help Trump Win Re-Election

From Day 1 of Trumps presidency, Progressives and #Metoo leftists have been doing anything and everything to stop Trump’s progress.  They criticize every word that Trump says, and try to block any policy that Trump supports.  Despite the liberal left’s dirty tactics, Trump has pushed through the resistance and managed to put Pro Maga policies in place that has benefited the entire country.

Currently the liberals do not have a platform to run on.  With America’s economy humming right along, consumer confidence at all time highs and unemployment at all time lows, the democrats can only incite discord and anger among citizens against Trump.  They smear his name, and all pro-Trump supporters.

It is vital that Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020.  While he  has certainly helps to Make America Great Again, there is still much more work that needs to be done.  America needs more conservative judges and senate members who will support our president.

If we have a “MAGA” House and Senate (rather than just RINO’s) we can make Trump’s second term even better than the first.  We all can help push Pro-America policies to the forefront, rather than being buried beneath a Globalist agenda that does not serve the average American’s best interests.

rinos to vote out in primaries to make america great again to help trump win re-electionVoting Out Rino’s Will Help Trump Win Re-Election


If we can put a fire underneath Trump’s voting base, we can “Primary” out Rino’s in congress.  At we proudly support the MAGA movement and enjoy exposing the establishment Replublicans that are nearly as damaging as the democrats.  Each and every Pro-Maga reader that is reading this can help.  It is vital that YOU (and every Patriot that you know) vote in the primaries.  We all should know which men and women in congress support our president, and which ones simply do not.


Over at ConservativeReview.Com they have a list of the top 25 Rinos in Congress.  They have put together a ranking system.  Ranking #1 on this list isn’t an honor that any republican should have.  Here we will give you a quick rundown of the Top 25 Rino’s in congress.

Top 10 Rinos in Washington

#1 – Lindsey Graham – Liberty Score – 35% – F

Lindsey Graham has voted Liberal 175 times and only voted conservative 154 times.  Lindsey Graham’s votes liberally most commonly on 2nd amendment rights, immigration, and Free Market.  Furthermore, Lindsey Graham also helped lead the way in helping to pass the 1.3 Trillion dollar Omnibus that largely helped democrat priorities.

#2 Mitch McConnell – Kentucky – Liberty Score – 36% – F .

Mitch McConnel voted conservative priorities 195 times.  165 times, Mitch McConnell voted for liberal priorities.  This isn’t exactly a shining gold star for the Senate Majority Leader. F

#3 Susan Collins – Maine – Liberty Score – 12% – F.  Maine residents, you can help Donald Trump by applying pressure to Susan Collins voting Liberal a shocking 44 times out of 50.  On immigration voting issues, Susan Collins has voted for liberal 14 out of 15 times according to ConservativeReview.

#4 Lisa Murkowski – Alaska – Liberty Score – 24% – F.  Alaska residents, did you know that Lisa Murkowski has voted pro-immigration 14 out of 15 times?  Senator Murkowski is most definitely a RINO.

#5 Lamar Alexander – Tennessee – Liberty Score – 18% – F.  Lamar Alexander only voted for immigration control 2 out of 15 times.

#6 Paul Ryan – Wisconsin – Liberty Score – 34% – F. Paul Ryan helped to push through the 1.3 Trillion dollar budget.  Let’s hope that Paul Ryan does indeed step down as Speaker of the House like he has mentioned.

and here are some honorable mention “Rinocrats” :

#7 John McCain – Arizona – Liberty Score – 32% – F

#8 Jeff Flake – Arizona – Liberty Score – 58% – F

#9 John Cornyn – Texas – Liberty Score – 33% – F

#10 Cory Gardner – Liberty Score – 48% – F

While many senators will still be in office when Trump is up for re-election, you can help Trump by voting in a MAGA patriot for his 2nd term in office.

Fight Fake News and Help Trump Win Re-Election

The good news about “Fake News” media is that America is waking up to how biased nearly all major news networks are.  Just like ordinary citizens vote with their wallets every time they buy groceries or purchase a product in a store, you are paying by what Online news outlets you are reading.

Advertisers pay to advertising on major news online sites.  They pay for both “clicks” and from “Impressions” (page views).  So, even if you aren’t clicking on their ads.  Now, we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t go check out a CNN article just for laughs or for mental reinforcement on how biased they are..  But, where can “boycott” Fake News by not spending a single dime.  The more money that you spend on trusted conservative news outlets, the more money they make.  In a sense, your making a donation to conservative news outlets without even realizing it.

Google and Facebook Censorship

It would be a tall task to encourage the masses to avoid Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  However, people should at least be educated about alternative search engines, and social media platforms.  Google censorship is blatant, and is out of control.  They have more outreach than any “Russia Conspiracy” theory that the liberals can think of.  If you want to talk about attempting to influence an election, then you don’t have to look further than most Social Media platforms online.

We Recommend Using DuckDuckGo as Your Default Search Engine

Why do we recommend using DuckDuckGo, and how can it help Trump win re-election?  Read our article on how Google Censorship threatens free speech and why you should be concerned.  I’m sure we triggered a Google Algorithm just by putting those two words together.

Google tracks you every where you go, every website you visit, every purchase you make, and even when you leave your home.  Google sells your information to advertisers, and uses your private information in any way that they choose.  The DuckDuckGo.Com search engine doe not do this.  Not only is DuckDuckGo less invasive, they are a very good search engine.  In addition to that, you will see very little advertising when you do your searches.

Do you remember when Google used to have one or two “Ads” per page?  Well, now pay attention.  For commercial searches they will have 4 ads on top of the page.  Ads on the side, and 4 more ads on the bottom of the page.  They will have approximately 8 organic search results hidden in the middle.  You are basically surrounded by “paid” listings that all too often are unrelated to what you are searching for.

Vote In Your Primary on November 6, 2018!!

vote rinos out of office in 2018 and help Trump Win re-election 2018


How often have you voted in primary elections?  This one is huge.  By voting in Pro-Maga trump supporting candidates you can help Trump win election.  If Donald Trump continues to push forward with his American First agenda, WITH a congress that supports him, America will truly be great again.  Our country needs you to help Trump win re-election in 2020.  America needs YOU, your Trump supporting friends and everyone that you know.  Trump needs his base to be energized and get out there and support our mission to Keep America Great for generations to come.

In Conclusion :

If the democrats regain control of congress, or the Republicans are mostly Rino’s in disguise, it will be hard for Trump to push for more America First Policies.  The Democrats will try to tear down all the progress that Trump has made.  You can help Trump win election by being pro-active, supporting conservative news websites, voting out Rino’s in the primaries and pushing back against Fake News media.

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