November 27, 2020

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Jobless Claims Lowest Since 1969 – Unemployment Record Lows – MAGA

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jobless claims lowest since 1969, record low unemployment, trump lowest jobless claims

Despite what #FakenewsCNN and other left wing networks might suggest, Donald Trump has the American economy soaring.  Jobless claims are at the lowest levels since 1969.

Economists were predicting 226,000 new jobless claims, which would be an increase over the previous week.  Instead of an increase of unemployment, claims decreased by 10,000 to only 210,00.  If you open up the moving average to 4 weeks, the jobless claims decreased by 5,00 to 220,500..  This is nearing record low unemployment.  In fact, it is the lowest level in 49 years, dating back to 1969.


Trump’s “#MAGA Followers Have More Reason to Rejoice

The liberal media has thrown out stories of distraction, divide, and resist.  Yet, somehow Donald Trump’s MAGA policies have continued to be a huge success.  Jobless claims have remained below 250k for seven straight weeks.  Aside from a 90K increase over the next few weeks will mark the longest consecutive sub-300k jobless claims ever recorded.

Using a non-seasonally adjustic metric, unemployment claims have lowered to 195.9K for the week ending Feb 24th.  This marks the lowest levels since 1967.

Unemployment Rate of 4.1% at 17 Year Low

The labor market can not improve much more than the current state at which it is in.  The 4.1% unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 17 years.

Companies are still seeking to fill 5 million jobs.  What could this mean to American citizens?  You may get a raise more quickly because they don’t want to lose you.  Overall wages are likely to rise for those just entering the marketplace, and increase in benefits to help secure their employees.

Chief Economist of Pantheon Macroeconomics had this to say :

“This is consistent with the idea that labor is so scarce that firms have raised the bar for letting people go.”

Is it about time that the media give credit, where credit is due?  Donald Trump’s tax cuts have energized the marketplace.  In today’s market, the only reason to be jobless, is if you choose to be jobless.  Donald Trump is Making America Great Again, despite liberal efforts to sabotage this presidency.  Trump’s loyal supporters remain entrenched to stand up in the face his detractors and continue to push for a brighter tomorrow.

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