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Corruption To The Core

Liberal Intimidation Protests Pushing Anarchy Hurt Dems, W/ Red Wave

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One of the many great qualities about America is the ability to protest, and assemble peacefully.  All views should be heard, from the back woods of a rural community, to the front steps of the Capitol building.  However, weaponized intimidation tactics to strike fear in society can only cause harm and threaten democracy as we know it.  We currently are witnessing Liberal Intimidation Protests, funded by George Soros that is literally pushing anarchy, and a state of civil unrest in our country.

We have seen protesters corner and threaten senators, attack public officials in restaurants, and doxing private information by posting personal addresses and home phone numbers.   Intimidation tactics, anarchy in the streets, and public shaming of our elected officials is a direct attack on our rights and freedoms as Americans.

There comes a time when the Republicans must stand up to these shameful liberal intimidation tactics and say NO MORE!


Is A Blue Wave Coming or is it Red Wave Rising? Backlash to Intimidation Protesting in November Elections


red wave

Liberals tend to think that shouting louder will silence dissenters.. No, it doesn’t.. It’s embarrassing to watch, and only ignites the Republican base..  The Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan once said :

It is only when the partisan shouting stops that we can hear each other’s voices and concerns.

Now, doesn’t this one line quote make perfect sense?  When you hear liberals shouting down at you, does it influence your opinion towards their ideology?  Or does it drive a wedge further between the two?.. Does it bring you closer to having a civil debate or does it cause you to dig in your heels and close off all communication while you feel you are under attack?  Liberals have lost their way, and intimidation protesting tactics are not what the founding fathers had envisioned.

The United States is a Republic that has a unique constitution that allows us all of the freedoms that American’s enjoy.  When the constitution is being violated by exploiting it’s allowances is when freedom as we know it comes under fire.

The liberals are hoping that their strong arm intimidation tactics while pummel senators into submission and thwart the confirmation of a deserving Supreme Court Justice.  While this is doubtful to work, it has triggered a national uprising that has pitted two sides up against one another.

The Liberals have created a nation of unrest that is unnerving and edging to a tipping point of something out of an Orwellian Society (totalitarian state).  Republican’s now have to rise up against their Soros backed weaponized protest machine and fight for our freedoms as we know them.  This is a moment in history that will be reflected on generations from now.. Do we bow down to anarchy, intimidation, and attacks to our way of life?  OR, do we rise up as a country and let it be known that we are a nation of laws and we will not be intimidated by the radicalized left!

Liberal Echo Chamber Dividing Americans

Sometimes the world seems like a big hole.  You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole.

Adam Duritz

This is what you have created liberals..  We can see you shouting, but you have created your own echo chamber.  You are yelling among yourselves, inciting rage and anger that has no outlet..   It has fallen upon deaf ears.  It is strengthening our cause.  Furthermore, you are galvanizing the voting base of the party you hate, while embarrassing your own.

Radical progressive liberal protesters have encouraged thousands of democrats and independents to run away from your party by joining the #walkaway campaign.  Not because they love Republican policy. Sensible democrats are fleeing your party because they have nowhere else to go… To them, Republican’s are being the only “adults in the room”.  They have become frightened by the rhetoric of the liberal outrage and wonder where the democrat platform of peace and tolerance has gone.

When liberal activist protests turn into a shouting down upon our values as a society, your goal is met by fierce opposition who now feels emboldened to push back!

November elections are quickly approaching.  It’s time that we push back against this so called “Blue Wave” by voting RED up and down the ticket.  We must give Trump more America First politicians to help advance his agenda and push America to even greater heights.  #RedWaveRising is on it’s way.

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