January 19, 2021

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Liberal Lies Using George Floyd Death to Get Rid of Trump – Agenda

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Ok, so you have all heard (and seen the video) of the tragic death of George Floyd.  You have also seen the sudden disappearance of Covid 19, mass rioting, Democrat cities on fire, and mass media baiting the entire country into a race war.

You may have been called a racist, a conspiracy theorist, or even a Nazi for so much as questioning what the true motive is behind the rioting.  At first instinct, some may want to appease the aggressors because you know in your heart that you are not a racist.  You may feel shameful over a terrible incident that you had no part of.

Fear not, you have nothing to feel shameful about.  You have not did anything wrong.  Never submit and cower in humiliation for powers that are beyond your control.  Fight back with truth, honesty, and pride.

After spending the past week of trying to speak reason to people, I’ve reached “Crisis Fatigue,” and just want to escape to my own private island.  Perhaps you can relate?  Let’s go over some common myths that the fake news media feeds to their followers (sheep?)…  Let’s discuss some myths that are spread like wildfire.  Perhaps I can help you in your debate by offering some helpful information to counteract the attacks you have been under.

Liberal Lies Using George Floyd’s Death to Push Their Agenda and Get Rid of Trump at Any Costs

Let’s face it, the democrats know that Joe Biden can not beat Trump without a full blown assault on Trump.  “Sleepy Joe”, is clearly in a state of cognitive decline.  If Joe Biden is the best the democrats have to offer, Trump wins the November election in a gigantic landslide.  So, now after the Covid 19 lockdowns, the economy is opening back up.  The economy is reviving, and people’s lives were just beginning the get back to some sort of normalcy.

George Floyd’s death was a needless death, at the hands of a rogue cop.  However, the democrats have maliciously used George Floyd’s death and weoponized it to advance their agenda for socialism and a world without Trump.  Trump suddenly seems beatable, when you throw the entire country into chaos.  Let’s go over some common liberal lies and myths that are pushed by MSM along with some cited sources to help you (and maybe them) see the light.

Liberal Lies Weaponizing the Death of George Floyd

Systemic Racism in the Police Force

You here this one a lot.  This is one of the main mantra’s that CNN, MSNBC, and all the other fake news MSM propaganda sources.  It is one big lie… It’s not my opinion, it’s a FACT, that can easily be investigated online.  If you really dig into the numbers, and compensate for the # of arrests per race, if they are armed, etc…. whites have “statistically” a higher chance of being killed by gunfire.

This goes against everything that 90% of news sources tell you… Even the 10% of fair reporting sites get buried in Google results, which lowers the reach (Use DuckDuckGo)..

Here is just ONE study that explains how and why systemic racism is a blatant lie..  God bless George Floyd, but liberal politicians, fake news, and the mystical “deep state” media are using his death as a vehicle to get rid of Donald Trump.

George Floyd Is a Martyr

God bless George Floyd, but his life was not incredibly impressive despite what the fake news tells you.  He has a long history of criminal behavior, including up to the day that his life was needlessly cut short.

George Floyd’s arrest records include :

George Floyd Arrest Record
George Floyd Arrest Record (Rap Sheet)
  • 5 years in prison for Assault & Robbery
  • Theft
  • Drug Charges
  • Possession with the intent to deliver
  • Aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Candace Owens even tells the story about when George Floyd put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach.  Also, leading up to the death of Floyd, George was suspected of passing a $20 counterfeit bill.

Additionally, George Floyd was under the influence of meth & fentanyl when the altercation occurred that led to his death.  If that wasn’t enough, George Floyd did not even die directly from the rogue cop’s knee to the back of his neck.

George Floyd Autopsy Report
George Floyd autopsy report.
  • How the injury occured – Cardiopulmonary arrest while being restrained.
  • Other health conditions – Arteriosclerotic disease.
  • Fentanyl intoxication.
  • Methamphetamine use.

George Floyd should still be alive, and he is no longer here because of the altercation with the police officer that has been arrested and charged with murder.  Nearly all conservatives agree with this.  The knee to the neck was outrageous, but the justice system is working and 4 police officers have been arrested and awaiting trial.

Protests and Riots are About Black Oppression

Under the guise of “black oppression”, cities are being burned to the ground as I type this.  You have seen videos of mass destruction to cities all across America.  Police officers have been shot and killed, under the cover of police brutality and racial oppression.  BLM (Black Lives Matter) groups, George Soros groups, and ANTIFA has been assaulting and killing innocent business owners who have nothing to do with George Floyd.

Getting Rid of Donald Trump is The One and Only Goal of George Floyd Riots Across America.  Pandemics, race riots, Russia hoaxes, sex scandals, pee pee fake dossier’s, wrongful imprisonments, and more.

There is one thing you can be sure of.  Nationwide protests and rioting in the name of George Floyd is nothing more than cover for the Democrats sole agenda of getting rid of Donald Trump.  They have no candidate to offer and the democrat’s need for power is the goal.  It does not matter how many lives are lost, if the Covid 19 virus comes storming back, or every business in the country goes out of business.  In fact, they would love that scenerio.

Democrats truly are the enemy of the people.  Their objective is to divide and conquer.  Stand strong, never cower, and be strong in the face of fear.

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