January 26, 2021

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Presidential Alerts, Funny Meme Suggestions, Can You Turn It Off?

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On October 3, 2018 225 million cell phones in the United States received a “Presidential Alert.”  This was simply a test as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency” conducted it’s first test.

The presidential alerts are intended to alert the public in case there is a National Emergency.  Of course, the “outraged left” is already hysterical as they continue to suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS for short.  In fact, 3 New Yorkers have already filed a lawsuit to stop future presidential alerts, while totally ignoring that this service is for the well being of the country.

In sight of the mass hysteria that anything says or  oes triggers, we decided to have a little fun at Rino Swamp on Facebook and as our followers what some of what they think that their “Presidential Alert Messages would be…”  Here are some funny ones for you to enjoy :

You may also enjoy Funny #MAGA Memes for you to share with your liberal friends.


Presidential Alert Meme Suggestions


presidential alerts meme sent to cell phones
“Liberalism is a Mental Disease.” “Also the left can’t Meme”


  • “Still Winning Libtards”
  • “This is just a test snowflakes, don’t loss your minds! And by the way Trump is still your President!”
  • “Hey, it’s about time to send out a tweet to offend more liberals!”
  • “I Hope you have a #MAGA Morning”
  • “Job numbers are up!  This is YUGE!”

Do you have a Presidential Alert message that you would love to see?  Please leave a message below in our comment section!


Wireless Emergency Presidential Alert


Wireless Emergency Alert


What kind of messages should you expect?

Presidential Alertss – Meant for use in a National Emergency and the only type of WEA alert that can be sent nationwide by FEMA

Amber Alerts – Child Abductions

Extreme weather and other threatening emergencies

Can you turn off the Presidential alerts?

No, but you can turn off the Amber alerts as well as the extreme level alerts.

Do I have to worry about receiving frequent Presidential Alerts?

Everyone knows about Trump’s fondness to tweet, but you don’t have to worry about Presidential Alerts going off frequently.  I fact, hopefully you will never receive another alert because that would mean that something serious that affects the entire nation has occured.  Rules outlined in a 2006 law states that the White House can only issue an alert if the public were in peril or during a national emergency.

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