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Corruption To The Core

Pro Trump Meme, MAGA Memes- Hilarious, Awesome, Cool, Funny

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Today we will take a step back from typical Trump topics and go with something light hearted.  We will share some of our favorite Pro Trump Meme, MAGA Quotes, Immigration Memes, presidential alert memes, etc…  If you have any hilarious, awesome, cool or funny Pro Trump memes, be sure to send them to us and we will add them!

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Pro Trump Memes to Share With Your Friends


pro trump memes, cool trump memes, awesome trump memes


“Isn’t It Amazing How These Jerks in Washington Can Unite Against Me… But They Can Never Unite To Help America and the People?”

This Pro Trump meme does have some merit..  I’ve never seen politicians work so hard in my life.  The problem is these Rino Swamp creatures and democrats are working hard at being obstructionists, rather than championing American interests.  However, we shall over come and MAGA!


funny pro trump memes, funny donald trump memes


“That Moment When You Realize You and Trump are the Same Age, and He Has Melania and You’re Married to Hillary”

Say what you want about Trump, but he sure does have good taste in women.  As for Bill…. Not so much..

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Donald Trump Can’t Be Bought Meme

trump can't be bought meme, pro trump meme, donald trump memes


He donates his Presidential salary.  I’m willing to bet that Hillary wouldn’t have done that, and we all know about all the payoffs she has taken over the years.  She has scraped millions and millions from the Clinton Foundation, yet the FBI, Washington, etc… doesn’t say a word.

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Donald Trump Border Security Meme

trump border security meme, pro trump memes, donald trump meme


This hilarious Trump meme, also screams of TRUTH!  As an American, my mind is blown each time I think about how Donald Trump has to struggle with the establishment, Rino Swamp rats, media, democrats, and fanatical liberal protesters.  For what?  Having security over our borders?  This Pro Trump Meme really paints a good picture of what #MAGA Patriots have do deal with daily..

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Awesome Pro Trump Meme – Exposing the Corrupt Government

pro trump memes, trump meme exposing government corruption

Here is a cool Trump meme that speaks volumes about today’s state of affairs.  We have always known that there was corruption in government, but Donald Trump has exposed how deep the corruption really goes.  Most have heard the terms “Deep State” before, but never really understood the meaning.  Most have heard the word “establishment” politicians, but never really had a grasp at what that term meant.  Trump has shined a spotlight on the dirty deep state bad actors, and establishment politicians that really do not care about America.

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Awesome Pro Donald Trump Meme for Us “Deplorables”


donald trump deplorable meme, pro trump meme, trump for the average american meme, trump forgotten people meme


“Every Day I Wake Up Determined to Deliver a Better Life for the People All Across This Nation That Have Been Ignored, Neglected, and Abandoned”

– Donald J. Trump

Hillary sure did a favor when she called Trump supporters as “Deplorables”.  She lit a fuse to Trump’s movement that still hasn’t went out.

The Media Goes Bezerk “Joker” Hilarious Pro Trump Meme

illegal immigrants trump meme, trump memes on illegal immigration

The media loves to go berzerk over just about anything our POTUS says.  It can be 100%, without a doubt TRUE, but they will spin his words and turn it into a controversy.  Shame on the media, and shame on the liberal democrats for supporting fake journalism.  Trump loves immigrants… The ones that are here legally.  Immigrants provide value to our country. The ones that are here legally, and Homeland Security has vetted them and deemed them to be safe and contributors to America.

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Cool Trump “Tired of Winning” Meme

pro trump meme, trump tired of winning meme


We will end today’s post with this “Winning” Pro Trump Meme.  We will never be “Tired of Winning”.. Keep up the fight #45.  We are with you, and have your back.. Draining the Swamp isn’t easy when it is filled with Rino Swamp alligators, criminals, and treasonous traitors.  We have the truth on our side.  We have Patriots fighting for MAGA, and we will continue to win, win, win!

Do you have a Pro Trump Meme that you could share with us?  One that is either Hilarious, cool, awesome, funny, etc….??

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