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Rapper Ice Cube Want Trump “Locked Up” in Jail | Rino Swamp

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Rap music artist / actor Ice Cube feels that President Trump should be locked up behind bars

ice cube wants trump locked up in jail

During an interview with with April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks, rapper and movie star (“Friday”, “Ride Along”, “Straight Outta Compton”, etc) ripped into the President…  Ice Cube even went as far to say that President Trump should be put in jail.

Ice Cube stated :

“You know, everybody got [their] policies, everybody got they, you know, wacky ways about the way things should go — but at the end of the day, there has to be class.”

“Class” coming from a rapper?  Ice Cube then goes on to say that the President of the United States should have a different delivery style than Trump to run for the presidency in 2020..

Well, Mr. Ice Cube, Trump’s delivery style is exactly how he got elected.. Trump’s delivery style gets things done.  Trump’s delivery style topples the Apple Cart in Washington D.C.

The swamp runs deep, and the American people need a fighter who will push back against the establishment.

Ice Cube Calls Trump Divisive

Here are some more statements by Cube :

“I just wanna see somebody that … at least somebody with some class in there that can hopefully help bring the country together a little more.”

Ok, let’s get this straight.  Donald Trump didn’t divide this country.  It was divided long before Trump ever declared that he was running for presidency.

Trump spoke up for the silent majority who was being ignored.  Donald Trump stood up for the forgotten American who didn’t have a voice.  The President became our voice.  As our country was being ripped apart, and flooded with illegal immigration in order to shift the demographics the fabric of our country was being ripped from the inside out.

Trump’s our guy.. Deal with it.. So, instead of declaring that Trump is divisive, how about joining in on a Pro-America agenda? There is no color or class barrier with Trump.  He want’s EVERYONE on board.. This even includes Hollywood elitists who want to put America First.

That’s not being divisive.. That’s being a Patriotic American!

Trump’s Not Willing to Compromise?  Hello…., It’s a Two Way Street

Ice Cube continued to say “I know it’s always gonna be, Democrats, Republicans, like Bloods and Crips,,,,, but for the most part, somebody who can… who says compromise is not a bad word.”

Have you been following whats been going on Ice Cube?  Or have you just been reading fake news outlets like CNN?  Trump has backed forward bipartisan prison reform.  How is that not considered compromise?

Trump has put more women in powerful positions than any president in history.  That doesn’t seem so divisive to me.

The United States now enjoys the lowest unemployment in history across nearly the entire spectrum of demographics.. Latinos, Blacks, and Asians are now  much better off than they have ever been before!

Ok, then Ice Cube says :

“They said lock her up – they need to lock him up!”

I wish Ice Cube would explain why Trump should be “locked up”… What has he done?  Collusion?  No evidence.. 40 million dollars of Mueller’s investigation has revealed absolutely nothing to merit that Trump has committed a crime.  Nothing.

In fact, a mountain of evidence has turned up about the Clinton’s and Obama being deeply involved in corruption and meddling of the 2016 election.  Mueller is investigating the wrong people, and there most certainly is an agenda behind it..

Either, dig deeper than propaganda news outlets, or stick to reading your lines on the movie set.

Hollywood Is Guilty of Dividing the Country

If you want to look more deeply into who is being divisive, Ice Cube you need to look no further than yourself.  You have come out with a new album that features an anti-Trump song calling for his arrest.

Here are some of the lyrics that can’t be called anything BUT divisive :

Arrest the president, you got the evidence.  That n***** is Russian intelligence.  When it rains it pours.  Did you know the new white was orange?  Boy, you’re showing your horns.”

If you read this with an open mind and open heart, you can plainly see that the only divisiveness is coming from fake news media, Hollywood Elites, and yes second rate musicians such as yourself.

The “Ice Cube” has long since melted.

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