November 27, 2020

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Reasons Democrats Should #Walkaway from the Democratic Party

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reasons democrats should #walkaway from the democratic party

You may have seen the #walkaway video that has went viral online recently..  The WalkAway campaign is very real, but the far reaching impact that this movement will have on the upcoming elections remains to be seen.

The gentleman in the video explains all the reasons why he became a liberal in the first place, and they end up being the very reasons in which he has decided to #walkaway from the democrat party.

Brandon Straka explains that he was a liberal because he thought that they were the tolerant party, and he adamantly rejects racism.  Furthermore, he explains that he had thought he had found a tribe where he felt like he belonged.

Brandon opposes “group think” and any form of systematic mobs that try to suppress free speech, create false narratives and steamroll over the truth.

One day Brandon woke up and realized that everything that he stands for is no longer represented in the democrat party.

The video Brandon composed is well spoken and represents a huge swath of people who feel the same way.  In fact, it sparked the “Walkaway March on Washington“, which drew approximately 3,000 people and the movement is just beginning!

Here is Brandon’s #walkaway video that is definitely worth the view, and even a 2nd or third if you have already seen it.


Reasons Why Liberals & Moderates Should Walk Away From the Democrat Party

Trump’s Economy Includes All & Prosperity Lifts All Americans

A large portion of Trump’s base, dislikes “establishment” Republicans..  In fact, many establishment Republicans are despised within Trumps circle.  The Democrat’s used to run with the slogan that they are the “Big Tent Party” and considered to be very inclusive.  Somewhere along the way, democrats have become increasingly exclusive of any thought that diverts from their main narratives.   On the other hand, the “deplorables” are the base of those who have felt forgotten along the way.  They felt betrayed by establishment Republicans as the country was pushed in the direction of the globalist agenda.

We are all American’s and this is why minority support for Trump has been increasing since the 2016 election.  Trump has proven through record low unemployment for Hispanics as well as the Black community.  It’s been nearly two years since President Trump has been elected, and all of his policies have been Pro-AMERICAN and everyone that would like to jump on board is welcomed with open arms.

The democrats have pushed a divisive message that Trump is racist, but all of his actions clearly say that he is not.  Donald Trump has did more to lift minorities, and this includes cracking down on illegal immigration.  Illegal immigration suppresses wages and White, Black, Asian, or Latino communities are affected negatively when wage growth is stagnant.   With lawful immigration, wages will rise for those who have been suppressed for far too long.

Nationalism Just Makes You Feel Good – Walk Away From Liberal Intolerance

When you feel proud to be an American, or a legal immigrant on the road to citizenship it feels wonderful to have a deep love for country.  The democrats pit women against men.. Brother against brother.  Race becomes the centralized talking point, rather than merit of the issue.  Free speech, debate, and peaceful dialogue has been replaced by enraged protests and encouragement of mob action against one another.

Dare to Dream

Democrats like to shout that Trump is only out for the rich, while leaving behind the disadvantaged.  This couldn’t be further than the truth.  With record low unemployment there are actually more jobs available than people searching for jobs.  Having a work environment like this, allows the average man or woman to take a risk on on his or herself.. Finding that dream job that makes your heart sing, rather than being stuck in that job that barely pays the bills.

There has NEVER been a better time to be a “dreamer” in the United States.  If you have an idea, and the will to succeed now is the time to take the steps to make your dream a realization.

We Would Like to Hear from Democrats

Would you consider the #walkaway movement and jumping on board the Trump Train?  It’s not necessarily switching political parties considering that Republicans push back against Trump nearly as much as Democrats do.

Do you agree that a Trump’s economy includes all, regardless of party or race? Do you feel like liberals have become increasingly intolerant towards those who share different beliefs?

Please leave a comment in the comment section below and tell us what you think?  We allow free speech here, while we may not necessarily agree..  Reasons to #walkaway from the Democratic party are many.. What reasons are there to stay?

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