November 27, 2020

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SOTU Takeaways, 76% Dems Approve, Kamala Smirks, Rinos Exposed

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nancy pelosi smirks at sotu speech

Last night’s State of the Union Address was sensational for many reasons.  Trump delivered a “Reganesque” performance that made you feel proud to be an American.  Trump even brought the women democrats protesting in white dresses to their feet in applause.  The vast majority of American’s thought the message was positive, and that Trump delivered an excellent speech.. However, there were many nuances within the speech that tell a much deeper story.  Here are our my takeaways from the 2019 SOTU.

State of the Union Address Speech Takeaways

1. Trump was “insanely” rational.

The left love to paint Trump as unhinged, and dangerous.. They love to paint a broad picture of insanity, incompetence, and racism.  However, any “sane” person who was watching the SOTU could not walk away with this impression.  Trump spoke common sense in terms that the masses could understand, absorb, and appreciate.

Most American’s want America to thrive and prosper.  There are a percentage of people who truly want America to fail, but after watching this speech you couldn’t help but feel pride for country and that Trump truly is on America’s side.

2. Their Truly is a SWAMP and A Rino At the Top is Named Mitch McConnell. 


mcconnell sotu speech


Every time the camera would go to Mitch McConnell, he had the look of contempt for President Trump.  There was no applause when Trump was making “America First” talking points.  This is because Mitch McConnell is part of the Swamp and a big reason why that our country does not already have a wall in place.

For 2 Years, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan tried to appear as if they wanted border security, but if they did we would have a wall.  After Paul Ryan announced that he was leaving, he went into full bore Lame Duck mode.  McConnell kicked the can down the road any time that he was pressured to rally the Republicans and push for the wall.

As Trump spoke for America and stated his case for a border security wall, Mitch McConnell’s look of disdain for our president during the SOTU was frighteningly clear.

3. Kamala Harris Smirks at Trump Vowing to Fight Illegal Immigration, Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers

It must be difficult to try to defend human trafficking of young women.  How can you make an honest defense of drug trafficking and trying to deflect the heroin epidemic that is ravaging this country?  300 deaths from heroin overdoses occur each weak in this country.  90% of the heroin comes from Mexico!  As a democrat, how can you defend the position of open borders which allows this heartbreaking carnage to continue?

Well, Kamala Harris sure does know how to smirk, and has a hard time hiding her pure hate for Trump.  Kamala Harris has her eyes on the presidency.  America’s traditons, culture, and safety takes a back seat to open borders.

Take a look at Kamala Harris’s smirk as president Trump said this non controversial statement :

“Now is the time for the Congress to show the world that America is committed to ending illegal immigration and putting the ruthless coyotes, cartels, drug dealers, and human traffickers out of business.”

How, can you disagree with Trump’s statement here?  Your either against human trafficking of children and young women or you aren’t.  The fact that 1 out of 3 women getting raped during their trek to the border is real.  You can’t argue these facts.  So, Kamala Harris sits and smirks and awaits for her chance to get in front of the camera and lied to the American people.

So Kamala Harris will deflect, point to racism, and Trumps lack of compassion to trigger emotion in her base.. However, none of her emotional talking points are based on any facts.  Kamala is out for herself, her rise to power, and the best interests and common good of America be damned.

4. Nancy Pelosi Will Never Compromise to the Detriment of America

nancy pelosi smirks at sotu speech


Donald Trump spoke of compromise and unity during the SOTU speech, and countless times preceding the State of the Union.  Nancy Pelosi has not offered more than 1 dollar for border funding, despite the factual evidence that immigration is costing billions more each year than what the entire wall would cost in the first place.

Nancy Pelosi sat behind Trump and couldn’t contain her smirks for all of our viewing pleasure.  The general disdain for Trump. Her goal is to resists, smear, and push racial divide all the way up to the 2020 election.  Trump showed strength and unity in his State of the Union speech.  America approved, and Nancy still refuses to come to the negotiating table as another Government shutdown looms just days ahead.  Will Trump Declare a National Emergency to build the wall?

5. 76% of America According to CBS Poll Approves of Trumps State of the Union Speech

CBS isn’t exactly a hotbed for Republican viewership in case you haven’t noticed.  However, CBS watchers sure did voice their opinion of approval of President Trump’s speech.  76% of viewers approved of Trumps message, with the vast majority feeling that Trump’s speech was largely positive.

You may say, well most of their viewers were likely Republican.. Well, here is the breakdown of the approval % by party :

  • 97% of Republicans approve
  • 30% of Democrats approve
  • 80% of Independents approve

30% of democrats approving of anything President Trump says or does is a huge number.  80% of Independents was a strikingly high approval rating and one that can’t be ignored.  Even CNN had a 59% approval rating for Trump.

Say, what you will but President Trump delivered a sensational speech and one that most definitely made an impact on public perception.

cbs 76% approval rating of trumps sotu speech


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