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Corruption To The Core

Treatment of Kavanaugh Pushing Dems to Switch Parties and #Walkaway

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For the majority of American’s, they have their minds made up and their opinions are unlikely to waver during the FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh.  However, there is a significant portion of society that has been disgusted at the way Brett Kavanaugh has been treated throughout the confirmation process.  While, nobody takes sexual assault lightly, baseless allegations by a life long democrat activist seems to hold little substance..

When you also add in that Christine Ford’s own witnesses refute her allegations, it has led many Dems to just #Walkaway from the Democrat Party.


(Who Is The Real Victim Here?  Candace Owen’s Feels it’s Brett Kavanaugh)


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Are Dems Really Leaving the Democrat Party?

Yes, and they are leaving in droves.  You can read testimony after testimony at Brandon Straka’s #Walkaway campaign on Facebook.  Currently, there are 89,500 FB followers for Brandon’s campaign and that may seem like a small figure.  However, if you take the time to read the testimonies of “fed up” Dems you get the feeling that this movement is much larger.

Many of the testimonies speak about the vitriol that they receive when they “Leave the Democrat Plantation”, how their own family has disowned them and how they feel relieved that they have found a place where the can communicate with other disenfranchised voters.

In addition, to the Facebook followers there are also 65,000 #Walkaway Movement Youtube Subscribers… Here is Brandon’s compelling video that has started this revolutionary movement towards change and reshaping the political landscape.


(Watch Brandon’s Videos About Why Dems Are #walkingaway from the Democrat Party)

Many of the Dems STILL do not like Donald Trump, but feel like he at least tells it how it is and is not a politician.  They hate how the democrats are attacking the Republicans on the street, in restaurants, calling everyone a racist and politicizing any issue to advance their agenda.   They claim that this is not the same Democrat Party that they grew up being proud to be a part of.

The party of “Tolerance” and “Love” has turned into the party of race baiting and aggression.  Furthermore, many claim that there are many more that are leaving democrats than we even know.  This is especially true among minorities, who feel ostracized for even thinking about supporting the Republicans Party.

Testimony after testimony have mentioned that the Treatment of Brett Kavanaugh has been final straw for them..  Many of these testimonies are coming from women who have experienced sexual assault and simply do not believe Christine Ford’s allegations.

The #Walkaway movement is reshaping the Republican Party..  It is expanding their base, and if the Democrats continue to try to divide this country on race, gender, ideology, the more Democrats will likely #walkaway and never look back.

Let us know what you think!

Do you support the way in which Brett Kavanaugh has been treated?  Do you think that such thinly supported allegations should derail his Supreme Court nomination?  Do you think this whole process has been a delay tactic?  Do you think the FBI investigation will come up with anything substantial, or will just be another reason to delay the nomination further?  Please comment below!

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