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Trump to Deploy Troops on Southern Border, Military Wall Security

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With Defense Secretary, James Mattis, sitting by his side, Donald Trump said that he plans to deploy troops along the southern border to help curb illegal crossings.  With approximately 1,100 Hondurans marching their way through Mexico on their way to the U.S., Trump has been under immense pressure with his supporters. Making a hard line stance against illegal immigration, will likely re-energize his #MAGA supporters.

Honduras Caravan Reaches 14,000! – Trump threatens to utilize military to stop the invasion.

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Donald Trump Tweets About “A Big Caravan” of Honduras Coming Across Mexico to Cross the U.S. Border

Trump said, “Until we can have a wall and proper security, we are going to be guarding our border with the military. That’s a big step.”

Currently, the U.S. Border Patrol is in charge of protecting the border, but the task is overwhelming due to the mass distance to which illegal immigrants can cross over into the United States.

Trump Lashes Out at “Weak Border Laws” That Are Pathetic

With an outcry stemming from Trump’s base, he has recently returned to his hard line stance against the illegal immigrant crisis in America. If Trump deploys troops along the Southern Border, and to use the military to act as wall security, this is likely to energize Trumps base.  Trump said

If the caravan reaches our border, our laws are so weak and so pathetic… it’s like we have no border” ….Donald J. Trump

Trump has called upon the Mexico government to step up their efforts to thwart the Honduras caravan hoping to seek asylum within the United States.  If they do reach the U.S. it will head to the courts.  This could take years..  In the meantime, the caravan of illegal migrants would be allowed to work and live within the United States.

Trump also has recently declared that trying to make a deal with DACA is done.

A large portion of Trump’s base was outraged when Trump failed to fund the wall during the recent government funding “Omnibus” bill.  Although Trump has made the statement that he may try to build the wall with military funds taken from the defense funds secured in the Omnibus.  700+ Billion has been secured for Defense.  The wall is thought to only cost approximately 25 billion, so it would only be a small portion taken away from defense funds.

Considering, the base feels like they need a “Win”, Trump is now stepping up against illegal immigration, and this includes the DACA program.  Here is what Trump said about DACA :

Trump Warns About Pulling Out of NAFTA If Mexico Doesn’t Curb the Flow of Immigration

Would Trump’s threat to deploy troops to southern wall be unprecedented?  No.  Both President Obama and President G.W. Bush deployed National Guard troops along the southern border to help curtail illegal immigrants and act as a “wall of security”..

However, both moves seemed to be politically motivated at the time.  They were both trying to enact immigration reforms that would ultimately allow MILLIONS of illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship.

Trump knows that amnesty would be the death knell to his presidency.  What will Trump ultimately do?  Will he deploy troops on southern border to act as a wall of security?  Or is it just a threat?

Tell us what you think?  Should Trump Deploy Troops on Southern Border? Should the military be used to act as security to curb illegal immigration?

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