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Trump Gives Marine $25,000 After Spending 214 Days in Mexican Jail

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Who Remembers Trump Giving $25,000 to U.S. Marine After Spending 214 Days in Mexican Jail for Accidentally Crossing Border into Mexico?

trump sends marine $25,000 after released from mexican prison


With the Central American migrant caravan consisting of Hondurans, Guatemalans, and Mexican migrants on it’s way to the United States border, lets take a look down memory lane.

Before President Trump ran for president, he once gave a man $25,000 who was imprisoned in a Mexican jail for accidentally crossing the border into Mexico.

Before Trump Was President He Sends Marine $25,000 To Help Him Get Back on His Feet Being Imprisoned in Mexico

The man in the meme shown above is Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi after he was released from a Mexican jail in 2014.  Sgt. Tahmooressi spent 214 days in a Mexican prison.  So, what did he do to be placed in a Mexican prison?  In April of 2014 he took a wrong turn and mistakenly crossed into the border into Tijuana.  In his truck, he had 3 U.S. registered guns, according to The HIll.

While Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was sitting in jail, former President Obama didn’t even pick up the phone to help.

The Marine spent all of his lifetime savings defending himself in the Mexican court system.  After nearly 8 months, he was finally released from prison.  Donald Trump, decided to send the marine $25,000 to help him get back on his feet.  This is just one of many instances where Trump has stepped up to help an American in need. Trump said that he was inspired to send the soldier the money after watching a segment Greta Van Susteren, “For the Record.”

Former President Obama Didn’t Help Tahmooressi

At one point during Sgt. Tahmooressi’s incarceration, Obama called President Enrique Nieto, but never mentioned the soldier.  Obama supporters argue that Obama’s hectic schedule kept him from personally intervening, but he didn’t even bother to call the marine’s mother after the incident occurred.

“The president, who is also the commander in chief, didn’t do his job,” California GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher told The Washington Times. “There is a lack of concern for this man, for this American hero who served our country. As commander in chief he showed a total disdain and non-interest in an American hero who served us in Afghanistan and a total disregard for the fact that he was suffering.”

This is just one instance of Donald Trump has helped a fellow American in need.  Despite the way that “Fake News Media” tries to portrait Trump as being divisive, it’s stories like these that make you thankful we have a president who truly cares about his country.

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