January 26, 2021

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Are you a proud Trump Supporter and have no qualms about showing your patriotism for the United States of America?  Do you love the “America First” Nationalist agenda that has driven Donald Trump to the Presidency?  If so, you have came to the right place.  Browse around Rinoswamp and read our articles, leave a comment or maybe even pick up a MAGA t-shirts or two.

Disclosure : We are affiliated with dozens of online retailers who sell Trump Tee Shirts, Maga, Trump Train, “Drain the Swamp” and Re-Election 2020 apparel.  This mean’s we get a small (like 5%) commission for referring you.  Please support “Pro Trump” sites like Rino Swamp by buying through us 🙂  It helps pay for our website so we can continue providing more “Pro Trump” articles in today’s era of Fake News and censorship that is out of control.  Thanks.

Re-Elect Trump Tee – Make Liberals Cry Again

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Sizes available : S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X (3XL), 4X (4XL), 5X (5XL)

Who can forget election night in 2016?  Liberals were so certain that Hillary had the election locked up that that millions were literally in tears when they saw state after state turn red!  What could be better? It’s if Donald Trump can do it again!

Trump Re-Election 2020 Tee – “Fuck Your Feelings”


Ok, so this Pro Trump tee isn’t for everyone.  However, it’s a great t-shirt that really targets what most #MAGA supporters think of when they think of a bleeding heart liberal.  They think of liberals getting very emotional and “outraged” about any sort of opinion that differentiates from their viewpoint.  There is nothing that says “I Love Trump” whether and will be voting for him in 2020 despite what you think like a “Fuck Your Feelings” tee!

Sizes available : S, M, L, XL, XXL (2X), 3XL (3X), 4XL (4X), 5XL (5X)

Trump Train Tee

Are you on the Trump Train?  Of course you are.. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.  The Trump Train is an “America First” agenda that really boosts your patriotism as an American.  Here is just one example of a Trump Tee that you may enjoy.. Be sure to check out all of the Trump Train T-Shirts that are available.

Trump “The Deporter” Tee Shirt

While liberals think may think that “The Deporter” is somehow cruel, but the opposite is true.  America is a nation of laws, and flooding the country with illegal immigrants is not just dangerous for the country it’s cruel for the blue collar worker.  Wages will only rise, when demand exceeds the supply.  This isn’t rocket science.  When companies are in dire need of a hard working employee, they have no choice but to raise wages if job openings aren’t being filled.

Liberals often say that “American’s won’t roof a house or work in a processing plant.”  Sure, they will.. If you raise wages, there will always be workers available.  In addition to this, America is the most generous country in the world when it comes to immigration.  They LEGALLY allow one million immigrants to enter the country each year.  Typically, these “legal” immigrants assimilate to America’s culture and grow to become patriotic Americans just like you or me.

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