January 26, 2021

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Trump Tweets Lebron on Twitter – Media Cries Racism – They are Wrong

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trump tweets lebron on twitter and don lemon and king james being dumb


Donald Trump has always been a counter puncher.. He has been in battles his entire life, growing up in Queens. When you personally attack him you can expect a retaliation.  It has nothing to do with color, gender, race, or sexual orientation.  The media quickly turned Trump’s Lebron tweets into a racial issue, which they were entirely NOT.  Considering, that nearly all of the media is jumping on this story and not protecting our President, then Rinoswamp most certainly will!  Media cries racism every time Trump Tweets negatively about anyone of color.  Newsflash… .Trump will blast you in a tweet regardless of your skin tone…

The Media Cries Racism to Create Divide and Push Their Political Agenda

Trump sent out a late night tweet mentioning Lebron’s interview with CNN host Don Lemon on Twitter.  To make a point, Don Lemon has attacked Donald J. Trump since day one of his presidency and hasn’t stopped since.  It’s a daily wrecking ball of disinformation, lies and outright absurdity.  To Don Lemon, everything is racist and anyone who speaks against his biased viewpoints is racist as well.  He even has termed the word “Globalist” as being racist!

Globalism is real, and a threat to the American people regardless of color.  3/4 of the Republican party are globalists, and most happen to be white.  Don Lemon’s stature as a legitimate voice in politics stands on shaky ground.  We will just leave it at that.

Trump Tweets Lebron James after Don Lemon Interview

Ok, here is what all the bluster is about that has the media in a frenzy :

“Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon.  He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do.  I like Mike!”

The media jumped all over this comment, since they knew that their ratings would skyrocket over the next few days, until their next outrage takes place.

So, let’s break it down.

Ok, so in Trump’s tweet we basically have Donald calling Don Lemon as being dumb…   Well, from Don Lemon’s outlandish statements throughout Trumps presidency, it’s hard to argue this point.  Calling a person dumb, isn’t racist whatsoever.. It’s an opinion, that quite frankly many people agree with.  Don’t they call this a “nothing-burger?”

“He made Lebron look smart.”

Ok, this is where he sends a counter punch out to Lebron James.  Why would he do this?  In the past, Trump has called Lebron a great guy?  There must have been some things that Lebron had said during the interview that set Trump off right?

Here is Trump calling Lebron a great guy in 2013….  Doesn’t sound racist to me, does it to you?

Here is another of Trump Tweet praising Lebron James  in 2015 :

Ok, so the narrative that Trump is a racist toward Lebron, or to the black community is just pure hogwash and much ado about nothing.  In fact, Trump’s approval rating with the black community has risen dramatically since 2016.

Media Tries To Spin Trump’s Tweet to Lebron that He is Racist – but FAIL

How can anyone make a fair argument that Trump is racist towards the black community when African American unemployment is at an all time low?  That’s a pretty hard to sell to any rational thinking person.  Trump’s policies are Pro “American” and the last we checked, Americans come in all colors.  Media cries racism, but the facts say no.  Maybe, Trump counter-punched Lebron after “King James” disparagingly spoke about Donald Trump, during Don Lemon’s softball interview to cater to CNN’s main talking points.


Don Lemon asked Lebron James what he would say to the president if he sat across from him.


I would never sit across from him,” James said. “No. I would sit across from Barack though.”

Lebron James then went on to say that “This race thing has taken over.”  “Sports has never been something that divides people, it’s always been something that brings something together.”

I’m assuming that “brings something together” is talking about bringing people together?  Yes, Lebron is right.. That is how sports USED to be.  Before Colin Kapernick decided to polarize the issue and use his sports platform to speak out against his political beliefs.

It was when sports athletes decided to use the National Anthem to voice their political views.. This is what divided America Lebron.  Once again, Trump counter-punched FOR the American people..  He counter-punched FOR all of the men and women who have died, fought, and served to make America the greatest country in the world.

Athletes without even a college education really shouldn’t be preaching politics to the rest of America.  Lebron, your a talented basketball legend.  One of the best to ever play the game.  People love you for that……  However, Lebron you should leave your political viewpoints in your head.  A literary scholar you are not!


Ok, now Lebron Reaches and Accuses Trump of Encouraging Racists to Speak Out


“I think the president in charge now has given people … they don’t care now, they throw it in your face now,” he said.

Oh, you mean like Antifa?  Or like the BLM?

The last part of the Trump / Lebron tweet says “I Like Mike!”

Ya, so… Millions of others do as well.  Many think that Michael Jordan was the greatest NBA player of all time.

Lebron you Have Been Counter-Punched by Trump… Your not the first, and your not the last.  It’s not the color of your skin, it’s the content of your speech.  You make baseless claims about Trump being against minorities, but minority approval is rising.  This is because lives for minorities in America are much better now than they were during any of Obama’s failed presidency.

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