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Trump Will Build Wall With Military Funds Out of Omnibus Bill

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Here Is How Trump Will Build The Wall With Military Funds Out of the Omnibus Bill

When Donald J. Trump signed the 1.3 trillion Omnibus bill, I was admittedly very upset.  How could our #MAGA president and republican congress (yes, I know Rino’s don’t apply) who campaigned on balancing the budget, spend 1.3 trillion dollars and not even include money to address illegal immigration and the wall?  I was beside myself.

Then the smoke cleared, the dust settled, and new information came to light.

It became clear to me…. Trump Will Build the Wall With Military Funds out of the 700 billion that was appropriated to the military in the Omnibus bill.

Shown below is Trump’s tweet when he addresses this topic :

1.6 Billion Given to Building and Fixing the Border Wall

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Trump Will Build Wall With Military Funds – And Congress Can’t Do Anything About It!

Well, this particular tweet didn’t do much to build confidence.  This 1.6 billion is likely to be allocated to replacing EXISTING fencing in San Diego and possibly a few miles down the border.  This hardly addresses the problem.

What he tweets next is rather interesting :

“Build The Wall through M” – A Very “Telling” Tweet

Interesting.. I had read about how the Omnibus Bill is just a set of guidelines of how this 1.3 TRILLION dollars is to be sent.. President Trump has the power to direct where the money ultimately goes.

In essence, he could throw democrat backed “Planned Parenthood” funds back to the Treasury.. Or even “Cryin” Chuck Schumer’s tunnel money does not have to be spent at the expense of American tax dollars.

The Omnibus Bill is not a budget!  This is why Obama never had a budget in 8 years and spent money how he saw fit, and we all know that wasn’t for the well being of Americans.

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Can Trump Really Build The Wall With Military Funds?

I did some research and found out some very interesting information that confirms that the Omnibus Bill is just a bill.. It’s a guideline set for towards the President.

Let’s go over some interesting points that were found from American Thinker.

The Congress allocates where the money from the Omnibus Bill should be spent.  It is the President who allocates the money.

After the congress has allocated the money, it is their job to provide oversight on how the money is being spent.  They don’t have the power to spend the money.  They only have any power from this point forward if Trump were to spend the money illegally.  The Wall would be considered National Defense / Security and well within his power to spend a portion (lets say 20 billion) of the 700 billion in defense funds towards the wall!

However, Trump can’t just spend money on a whim, wherever he wants.  He has a number of choices and rules that he must follow.  Some of the money is fungible (goods contracted for without an individual specimen being specified) able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable). 

Here is how Trump can get around this :

1> Trump can notify Congress and declare a Human Rights Emergency and that he’s involing the Balanced Budge and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985. 5..  Illegal aliens pouring into the country, along with drugs is indeed a Human Rights Emergency.  This gives Trump more options at his disposal.  Options that will allow Trump to Build The Wall with Defense Funds allocated in the Omnibus Bill.

2> By making the Human Rights Emergency and Balanced Budge and Emergency Deficit Control Act, he has the power NOT to spend ANY of the funds he does not deem necessary.  He can literally return the funds to the U.S. Treasurey.  Soooo, if doesn’t feel that we can afford funds for Planned Parenthood, he doesn’t have to allocate a single dollar to them.

3> Also, by making these declarations, this makes some funds fungible (be able to replace military funds with funds towards the Wall).  For example, if Trump determines that a Southern Border Wall is necessary to defend against Human Trafficking, he can do so.  He can move the money from anywhere in the Defense allocated funds to build the wall..  There you go…

4> This is where it really gets good.  The Congress can’t stop Trump from doing this.  They are powerless to stop cash reallocations from the 1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill.  By declaring a “State of Emergency”.  Regardless of the language in the Omnibus, the State of Emergency declaration “Trumps” all of this.

So in conclusion – After Trump takes this route (and I strongly feel that he will), this will undoubtedly end up in the Courts.  Congress may sue, but they are there to allocate.

The President ultimately decides where the funds go and Trump will build the wall with military defense funds.

Donald Trump’s primary responsibility is National Security.  There is no court in this nation (except for some corrupt Clinton and Obama judges) that would rule against the President in exercising his authority to address National Security measures.

This may end up in the Supreme Court, but this is where it will end.  The Supreme Court is likely to Validate Trump’s Constitutional Authority and that “Big Beautiful Wall” will be built.

In two years Trump will have rebuilt the military, have the Wall being built, sent the economy booming, destroyed ISIS, with consumer confidence at an all time high!  Not bad Mr. President!!

So, at the end of the Rainbow, Trump will Build the Wall with Military Funds.  American’s will get their wall, and #MAGA will be better than ever.  The Omnibus Bill is only for 6 months.  We get to go through all of this again in 6 months.. Right before the midterm primaries.

Be ready to vote OUT all Rino’s who go against Trump’s AMERICA FIRST agenda!

1 thought on “Trump Will Build Wall With Military Funds Out of Omnibus Bill

  1. It would be great if this happens, but it won’t. This is a fantasy that will never see the light of day. If it is attempted it will go through the courts which will take at LEAST a year and maybe more. If it passes then it will take several years to build and by that time the next election will be up and Trump may not win re-election in which case the wall would never see the light of day. This is pure fantasy.

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