January 26, 2021

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USAF Veteran #GoFundTheWall on Laura Ingraham Video GoFundMe

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brian kolfage appearing on laura ingraham video on Fox News

USAF Triple Amputee Veteran, Brian Kolfage has a dream that is shared by millions of American’s.  He wants “Trump’s Wall” to be built.

Like millions of other patriotic American’s, Brian has grown frustrated at the constant push back by the Democratic Party who doesn’t have any interest in curbing the flow of illegal immigrants.

The USAF Veteran’s GoFundMe Page to build the wall has taken off by raising over 8 million dollars in three days.

Now, after appearing on Laura Ingraham the campaign really seems to be gaining steam.


USAF Veteran Brian Kolfage on Laura Ingraham Talking About His GoFundMePage to Build the Wall


Here is the video of Brian Kolfage appearing on Laura Ingraham.  He talks about his vision to help Donald Trump build the wall and why it’s so important to him.



Brian lost 3 limbs while serving his country in Iraq.  On his website, Brian reveals how after working a night shift at the Balad Air Base in Iraq his airbase came under attack by rocket fire. A 107mm rocket shell exploded only a few feet away from him.. He was literally thrown several feet into the air against a wall of sandbags.  Miraculously, he still was conscious and called for help.

While, Brian may have had to undergo amputation to save his life, his zest for life never waivered.  His passion and love for country remained in his heart.  Furthermore, Brian felt inspired to tell his story and he began his life as a motivational speaker to help others who are facing adversity that most could never imagine.

It has been said that Brian Kolfage is the most wounded airmen to survive any war.  To suffer such immeasurable loss physically, Brian has grown as a husband and father.  Now, through it all he wants to help Trump’s campaign promise of building a wall come to fruition.

Raising 1 Billion dollars seems like a dream that could only be disheartening.  It can be compared to pinning all of your hopes on winning the lottery.  Brian decided to take massive action and push for his dream to become a reality.  Brian Kolfage started the #GoFundTheWall campaign to help galvanize all citizens of the United States who cherish their country’s sovereignty as a nation.

Brian’s motives are clear.  He wants to build a wall that will help secure the Nation’s safety.  He feels that immigrants should come to this country legally, just the way his grandparents did.

Be sure to tune in to watch this courageous USAF Airmen Veteran appear on Laura Ingraham and make his plea for fellow American’s to help President Trump truly Make America Great Again!

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