Venezuela Socialism – 87% Poverty, Prostitution Destroys Democracy

Every time I hear a political figure (Bernie Sanders comes to mind) push a socialist agenda on the America people I am dumbfounded at the amount of support that they receive.

This seems to be especially true with young people.  During the 2016 Primaries a study done by Tufts University showed that Sanders won nearly 30% of the youth vote (over 2 million votes).. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton only received 1.6 million COMBINED!  It astonishes me, because Bernie Sanders nearly beat Hillary Clinton and he was just one step away from bringing Socialist Policies to the White House.

It’s scary to think about how quickly life in America could have changed for the worse.. Just look at how Liberalism has turned San Francisco into a slum due to far left policies.

Venezuela is a prime example of why no freedom loving country should even consider a socialist candidate to be an elected leader in their government.

venezuelan poverty due to socialism, venezuelans starving


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Venezuela 87% Poverty Rate Has People Eating Out of Garbage Cans

Venezuelan citizens have experienced hyperinflation that has spiraled out of the control. According to a Washington Post article, a typical 1980’s a professor’s salary (for example) would need to work for 15 minutes to purchase a kilogram of beef.. In July of 2017, the same professor would need to work 18 hours for the same kilo of beef.  A monthly salary in 2007 could purchase him 17 baskets of essential goods.. A monthly salary today would only purchase 1/4 of one basket, which is hardly enough for the basic essentials for a family to survive.

What Is The Value of Venezuelan Currency?

venezuelan currency crisis, venezuelan bolivar to usd

Back in 2007 “100 Bolivar” was the highest denomination of paper money.  With 100 Bolivar you cold buy 56 kilo’s of rice or 288 eggs. What could you buy with a 100 Bolivar today?  You would be able to buy 1/5th of an egg or .08 kilos of rice.  Let that sink in for minute.. You would need 500 bolivar bills to buy a single egg!

Socialism has destroyed Venezuela’s economy. Just as it has toppled countless other countries who have tried to implement the “Utopian promises”, that socialism never delivers..  Their children are malnourished and families have even resorted to digging through garbage in the streets.. Eating out of a trash can in America would be considered gourmet dining.

An article authored by Mac Slavo at exposes the problem of female doctors and teachers engaging in prostitution in bordering country, Columbia, to feed their families.  A brothel owner had this to say :

“We’ve got lots of teachers, some doctors, many professional women and one petroleum engineer,” brothel owner Gabriel Sánchez said of the women who sell their bodies for $25 an hour.  “All of them showed up with their degrees in hand.” 


socialism in venezuela, venezuelan women forced into prostitution

The brothel owner (Gabriel Sanchez) started a brothel in Arauca, Columbia after he lost his job as a mechanic in Venezuela. He said that he lost his job due to his government’s socialist policies. He employs 12 women at his brothel, and all 12 are from Venezuela.

Socialism has inflation soaring.  In fact it is in excess of 700 percent of the bolivar currency.  Just finding food can mean long waiting lines.  Many times in excess of 6 hours just to get a sack of flour or rice.

Why Socialism Can (And Likely Will) Destroy A Country

  1. It stifles economic growth – John F. Kennedy once said “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.”  JFK was referring to a strong economy that is producing jobs, tax revenue and an increased standard of living for it’s citizens.  Socialism puts a stranglehold on economic growth.. It takes away the inspiration to innovate because it penalizes success and rewards failure.  When you penalize those who have strived to be successful, you more or less encourage more people to fail.. To be content in what the government provides you.  A society is born of underachievers, and lackadaisical attitudes.  The economy inevitably slows and more people are reliant on the government to provide for them.  When the economy slows, the government can’t provide and maintain their citizen’s lifestyles.  It’s a self defeating loop that leads to…. well, what has happened in Venezuela.
  2. Free Speech No More! – Look at countries like North Korea.  you can’t speak out against the government without fear of imprisonment.  Citizens are only subject to propaganda, without access to informed debate.  Ronald Reagan once said : “How do you tell a communist?  Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin.  And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”
  3. Government Tyranny – Freedom and Socialism don’t mesh well at all.  They can’t co-exist in harmony..  They go together like oil and water.  When you have freedom, you have the right to decide whether you want socialism or not.. Socialism allows for less freedom, and you can’t criticize the many failures of socialism.  Under socialism the government becomes centralized and does not offer a healthy exchange of ideas and innovation.
  4. It Divides The People – When people’s lives feel controlled, they feel threatened.  A divide is created between the people and their government.  When you compound that by taking away the wealth of successful people, the division intensifies.  You then create another division between citizens that are reliant on the government to survive.  The achievers, the government, and those who are no longer self reliant all form a triangle of resentment and divide.

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