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Youtube HQ Shooting, Conspiracy Theories, Crisis Actors, Gun Control

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It’s only a matter of time until the Youtube HQ Shooting triggers a slew of conspiracy theory scenerios, and a cast of crisis actors taking center stage.  Their motive?  Perhaps to further gun control agenda and the war against the second amendment.

Woman Shooter at YouTube HQ Dead After Shooting At Least Four

A 36 year old man lies in critical condition.  A 32 woman is said to be in serious condition, with a 27 year old woman in fair condition.  This is a tragedy in progress, so we will update as more news is heard.

YouTube HQ Conspiracy Shooting – Ready, Set, Go….

Not many details are known at this point about the shooting.  Thus far :

    • We know that the shooter is female and was dressed in black with a head scarf.
    • Without being a licensed Private Investigator, we can come to an assumption that the shooter was Muslim.
    • We know that YouTube headquarters is a gun free zone, and California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.
    • What does this mean?  This will be a hotbed for conspiracy theories for days to come!

What does this mean? The YouTube shooting will be a hotbed for conspiracy theories for days and weeks to come.

Will Crisis Actors be Involved?

After David Hogg has been front and center in the movement for enforcing strict gun laws, the nation has been in conflict.  You have one side who cherishes the Second Amendment, the Constitution as a whole, and demand the right to be able to protect our families.  Gun rights are not only to protect families against intruders or a foreign invasion.  They are also set forth to protect citizens from a tyrannical government gone rogue.  With the direction the far liberal left has gone, a rogue government with an agenda to confiscate American Citizens from their gun is not out of the realm of possibility.

Debbie Dingell to Introduce Gun Confiscation Legislation

Coincidentally, Debbie Dingell appeared on Fox New Live to announce that she is preparing new legislation to create a law that would allow gun confiscation from it’s citizens.  Dingell has stated that she believes that gun confiscation orders is vital to public safety.  Today, we suffer another shooting, in California whose citizens will surely be in an uproar.  What will this mean?  Chaos of the highest order and a heightening of gun control protests.  This will put immense pressure on senators, and create a political firestorm that may influence the midterm elections.

Taking Away Your Guns

Most liberals will state that they want strict gun control, but will not come after all of your firearms.  However, this is a slippery slope.. A Pandora’s Box that we must never open.  It may start with an AR 15, but it will set up further legislation that will be be more intrusive and may threaten the future viability of the 2nd Amendment.

While we piece the events of today’s tragic shooting together, we remain vigilant in protecting the 2nd Amendment.  Be sure to Like “RinoSwamp” on Facebook to help the #MAGA movement and support the true Patriots in congress and weed out the “Faux” Rino Swamp creatures that rule Washington.

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